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A community built around mental health and wellness where best practices, research, and lived experience meet simplicity. Simply So + Co. is your all-access mental health and wellness resource hub for all things effective, affordable, available, and consistent. Created with a passion for helping others, making a difference in the mental health space, and providing resources to close the gap between the demand for better mental health and care and the resources available, Simply So + Co. is for anyone who wants to support mental health awareness, create change, utilize mental health resources, and become their best self or help others become their best selves. Plus, a safe space and community for users to come together and fight the stigma, break barriers, and share stories. And it doesn’t stop there…

Our weekly blog posts, social media content, and value within our products encourage you to take part in the movement toward better mental health care and the importance of wellness. We provide resources in all different dimensions, promoting each unique journey through confidential, customizable, and creative outlets. Simply put, consider Simply So + Co. your favorite way to get started with or indulge in your health and wellness. We hope you love it as much as we do, and we cannot wait to hear about your success!

About Sophie Henner

Born and raised in Winter Park, Florida, Sophie Henner has grown up in a place that she loves to call home. From volunteering at homeless shelters, summer camps, and foster homes to holding leadership positions with Best Buddies, starting a club to help kids and families battling cancer, and leading her sorority chapter in college, Sophie has quite a passion for helping others. While all of her experiences hold value, Sophie found her niche in helping others in the mental health industry after battling her own mental health illness.

As someone who experienced anxiety from a young age, and later battled depression, Sophie found curiosity and determination in understanding how the brain works. While the majority of this education was learned throughout years of college and post-grad, there was one thing that she learned very quickly. The gap between the demand for better mental health care and the lack of resources needed to be closed. After years of lived experience, research, and exposure to the industry, Sophie launched Simply So + Co.

Sophie’s mission is to create simple, effective, consistent, and affordable tools and provide personal development resources that guide you towards a more meaningful, productive, and mindful lifestyle. Her vision is to break the barriers to better mental health care and close the gap between the demand for better support and available resources by combining best practices, research and lived experience to provide tools for self-improvement.

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